GOLDEN TIPS FOR SEO – Writing in 2021

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Your website more than anything else is a tell-all tale when it comes to SEO.

Making sure you optimize for on-page is the first step to ensuring your site is built with a winning formula. We have put together a list of 6 golden tips for SEO writing so you can be on top of your SEO game. 

Follow these 6 Golden Principles to make sure your website content gets the attention it deserves.


Write for your audience:

What search terms would they type into Google? think as a user, people don’t search for products they look for solutions example; ‘how to cure a headache’ vs ‘Painkiller’. Make sure to include those terms in headlines and subheads. Help them to find your content with ease by thinking like your customer when formulating your search keywords and keyphrases. 


Follow a Cone-shape structure:

The most important messages go at the top of the page. What is the main idea of your content? starting with the catch tends to increase the readability of your article. It hooks the reader to know more you need to grab attention from the get-go. Gradually drill down to the more specific, supporting information. Include bullet points, credit other sources of information, you can even include videos and infographics here. This is the meaty section of your article so make it as informative as possible.  End with tangential details, reference other content that they can get more information from. This is a good place to even feature guest posts by other contributors to your blog, or lead them to your youtube channel if you are a video creator. 


Keep it short and sweet:

Use sentences of 35 words or fewer. Website content that’s accessible and easy to read will naturally reach a wider audience. Focus on using nouns and verbs; use adverbs and adjectives sparingly. The simpler the content the more SEO friendly it is. avoid jargon at all times. even a very complex subject can be explained using simple terms that can be understood by all.

Tip! write as if you need to explain your topic to a 12-year-old. Use sentences of 35 words or fewer.


It Must Engage:

Active voice helps create succinct, reader-friendly sentences. It’s also more direct; when you speak directly to the audience. Be like a friend speaking directly to your audience, giving them a reason to believe and value your content. 


Give Details:

Make sure you paint a picture with words, describe every detail that can help your reader visualize your product or service in use. Be sure to include the benefits too. Graphs, charts, infographics, simple animations or illustrations can help communicate your message better. be sure to include some of these. 


Never Assume:

Spell out acronyms on the first reference. Avoid insider language. Explain complex or niche terms. And provide hyperlinks to other articles where readers can get more background information on a particular topic. 


We hope you will keep these tips in mind and review your website and blogs to make sure you have checked all the boxes.

Leave us a comment if you have tried other ways to improve your blog readability.
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Tip! write as if you need to explain your topic to a 12-year-old. Use sentences of 35 words or fewer.

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