How to Write Web Copy for SEO

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Want To Know How To Write Web Copy For SEO To Improve Your Website Ranking And Performance?

The Key Is To Write SEO Content That WORKS (I.e. Sells), You Have To Understand The Ins And Outs Of Writing For Both Users And Search Engines. Doing So Is More Intuitive Than You May Think, As Long As You Understand A Few Core Principles.


When writing follow this Simple 4-Step Guide

1. Use the primary keyword in the page title

If something is important, then the title of your page should include the most important subject (or keyword) to indicate what the page is about.

2. Use the most important keywords higher up in the website copy

SEO experiments show a strong correlation with rank and placement of keywords in the body of the blog article or the web copy.


3. Use keyword variations in your article or blog

You don’t write an article with one keyword and expect it to rank. Google & other search engines want a host of signals that indicate content relevancy, so including keyword variations is a way to show Google how it should understand your content.


4. Study competitors with good on-page SEO content

 This is the best way to learn what Google is prioritizing. Look for the type of headers, the number of words, the usage of bold and italics, the number of headers, the images, alt text, video, etc. Add or remove about 15% of the content to vary from what’s ranking a bit and BOOM, you’re off to the race of ranking higher.


Read more about best content writing tips for SEO here 

Google & other search engines want a host of signals that indicate content relevancy.

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